PrivateFly Insights Report

While privacy and data protection are paramount at PrivateFly, we can draw on trends in our booking and enquiry data, to examine the changing face of today’s private jet user, and what’s important to them.

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Each quarter and annually, we analyse data from our booking platform to provide insights around our most private jet destinations; aircraft types; pricing; lead times; demographics and more.

Q1 2021 (January - March)

Key findings of the Q1 PrivateFly Insights Report include:

  • London remained our top destination but by a smaller margin than usual, and Dubai was unusually high at #2 - more popular with clients than ever before.
  • Lead times were the shortest we've seen - with 73% of flights booking to fly within a week and far fewer for 30+ days ahead. This was due both to travel uncertainty and to our increasing number of Jet Card and Jet Account members - who can book easily at short notice.
  • We share details of the progress we've made in our sustainability commitment, which includes a 300% offset provision for every flight.

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Yearly Insights: 2020

Key findings of the PrivateFly Insights Report Yearly edition for 2020 include:

  • Small jets made up over half of our flights, with strong summer demand for short flights post-lockdown and more new entrants to the market.
  • Short notice travel decisions were a key finding in such uncertain times - with 58% of flights booking within 7 days or less of the departure date.
  • In such an exceptional year, we look back at some of our most memorable flights which include reuniting families, and flying 16 cats to their new home.

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